PRO-V Series II Bags
PRO-V Series II Bags
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PRO-V Series II Bags

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Due to the pandemic, we are averaging 15 business days for cornhole bags to be delivered. We apologize for the the delay. Thank you for your patience and business!

If you liked the MAGICV you will love this bag. With a light linen side very similar to the MAGICV bag. The comfort and feel and slide is unbeatable. This material just like it's predecessor will slow down in very humid conditions. But no worries here. Flip the bag to the improved carpet side for a consistent slide all the time. 

Each cornhole bag measures 6″x 6″ and weigh 15 – 16oz which is US Cornhole regulation. 

Buy cornhole bags with the confidence that comes with our 100% satisfaction guarantee. FREE SHIPPING!

US Cornhole, CCL and ACO Approved! 

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